Raincoast boat Achiever visible in semi silhouette in the ocean with a pink and purple painted dusky sky in the background.

Sailing with Raincoast

Could you join Raincoast aboard our research vessel in 2018?

“Over the past twelve years and countless nautical miles Raincoast’s dedicated research vessel Achiever has clocked in over 10,000 engine hours plying coastal waters to support our research, education and conservation programs. 2017 was no different with Achiever spending seven months during spring, summer, and fall in the Great Bear Rainforest and the Salish Sea.

In May, our spring ‘hunts’ visited lush estuaries as the days grew longer and bears were down low grazing on sedges. Marine wildlife started to make their way back to the rich, cold waters of the coast. Their annual migration to foraging areas beginning and lasting well into fall.”

Head to our website for the full blog from our skipper Nicholas Sinclair.

Photo by Nicholas Sinclair (@sinclairne).

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