Support investments in nature and biodiversity

As we all work to emerge from the covid-19 pandemic, 235 organizations, including Raincoast and many of you signed a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau to emphasize that investments in nature and biodiversity can create jobs and contribute to an economic recovery and a sustainable future.

Canada is in a particularly strong position to lead global efforts in this regard. Raincoast supports commitments to increase protection of lands, freshwater, and ocean, embrace nature-based climate solutions, and we are urging the Canadian government to invest in achieving these outcomes.

This country’s ecosystems – forests, wetlands, grasslands, ocean, lakes and rivers – and the biodiversity they support are essential to provide clean air, clean water, healthy food, sustainable economic goods and services, and opportunities for work, play, mental health and physical wellbeing.

These systems are fundamental to the rights and title of Indigenous peoples and have inherent value as an integral part of the world we inhabit.

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