Terminal 2 will increase chances of SRKW extinction

Raincoast has worked with partners to conduct a population viability analysis to help us understand the likelihood of extinction for endangered wildlife under different scenarios. We used this tool and published the research to assess the effects of the Trans Mountain proposal on Southern Resident killer whales. We also used it to assess the effects of Terminal 2.

Five years ago, the chance that the 80 Southern Resident killer whales alive in 2015 would be functionally extinct in 100 years was 9%.

Since 2015, the risk of extinction has increased. In 2020, the chance the 72 whales alive now will be functionally extinct within 100 years is 59%.

The increased shipping noise from Terminal 2 will reduce feeding success for the Southern Residents and the project’s significant adverse cumulative effects on the survival of Fraser Chinooks salmon will further harm these whales.

The Terminal 2 expansion increases the likelihood that Southern Residents will go extinct.

Say no to Terminal 2.

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