Science publications in 2020

Tracking Raincoast into 2021.

Raincoast undertakes primary research to investigate species and ecological processes to further our conservation objectives.

Supporting resurgent Indigenous-led governance: A nascent mechanism for just and effective conservation

January 6, 2020

Conservation efforts to safeguard biodiversity and mitigate ecological destruction could be advanced through partnerships with, and leadership of, resurgent Indigenous governments.

Indigenous knowledge and federal environmental assessments in Canada

February 13, 2020

New peer-reviewed article in FACETS suggests that Indigenous-led Environmental Assessment processes in Canada would overcome deep-rooted obstacles in new Impact Assessment Act that prevent authentic participation of First Nations and engagement of Indigenous knowledge.

On the risk of pathogens carried by hypermobile human predators

April 10, 2020

There is a body of research that shows how predators can affect the spread of disease among prey.

Read more about the new research published by Raincoast Conservation Foundation in 2020 in our report Tracking Raincoast into 2021 online.

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