Tracking Raincoast’s impact through 2020

Tracking Raincoast into 2021.

While 2020 was a year of challenge and change we still have a lot to celebrate.

We raised funds to purchase the Kitlope Tenure – protecting a further 5300 km2 from trophy hunting, a wish of our late friend Waxaid, Cecil Paul.

We continued habitat restoration in the Fraser Estuary connectivity project

We switched our education programming online with our Coastal Insights and Wolf School engaging thousands, while safely delivering youth education.

We secured more stringent government action for recovery of Southern Resident killer whales.

We launched a new campaign to buy and permanently protect coastal Douglas-fir habitat in the S,DÁYES Flycatcher Forest.

These conservation efforts and our research have reached millions around the world. Tangible conservation success. 

2020 was not all bad – let’s make 2021 even better. 

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