A grizzly sits down in the mud and sand by the water.

Building a model of nonhuman animal behaviours

Defining animal behaviour requires careful observation and the use of measurable markers to quantify those behaviours. Recent calls for consistency in defining and coding animal behaviour have stemmed from variation in how behaviours are defined within and across species, which …

Desk with a laptop computer on it and a red chair facing a window out of a wooden cabin looking out into the forest

A dry and quiet space to write

I am grateful to allies during field work who provide dry and quiet space to write. I feel so spoiled today to have a non-camp work day with hot coffee and a fireplace. It was starting to get a bit …

Back of brown grizzly bear's head and shoulders visible as it swims across green water

A summer swim

Who says it’s too late in the summer for a float?

Guided by Nuxalk Stewardship, we use methods in ethology to investigate potential effects on grizzly bear behaviour in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, Nuxalk Territory.

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Person with a yellow backpack hiking through a forest on a mountain slope

Nuxalk Territory

Conducting research, hiking to the river with Ron Schooner in autumn 2018.

View of a gentle meandering river amidst green grass, red tinged trees, and snow capped mountains
Photo by Kate Fields.

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