Grey and white kitten sits near a window staring out, partially hidden by two cactus plants in pots. In the foreground is a black and white print of a salmon, the paper resting on red tile.

My favourite things

This photo just really captures my favourite things. I made this salmon print from a post-spawning male chum carcass.

The logistics of taking a dead fish and turning it into art while you’re navigating vegetation on a riverbank in the …

Four prints of salmon on white paper in varying shades of black and grey ranging from light to dark are arranged in a column.

Light to dark

Light or dark? I’ve been dabbling in making fish prints out of salmon carcasses.

Salmon migrate from the Pacific ocean back to the river they were born, where they spawn (reproduce) and naturally die. They can swim hundreds of kilometers …

Close up of chickens, 2 brown, 2 white and 1 black standing in a circle next to a black wire basket full of bwon and white eggs, with a chicken coop in the background

Slow mornings in the Comox Valley

I am thankful for slow mornings.

Here I am digging potatoes for our breakfast hash and gathering fresh eggs from the gals. This was a weekend spent with friends on my favourite farm, days and nights full of live music, …

This is a photo of a person in a blue jacket on top of a mountain with dark, snow covered mountains infront of her on a clear sunny day.

Alpine days in Squamish!

Beauty views of Sky Pilot and Co-Pilot from the summit of Habrich! Nothing better than a summer day spent in the alpine with a great climbing partner, summit snacks, views, quality climbing, more snacks and beers to finish it off. …

A palm wearing a ring and the wrist of a person clothed in blue rests on the brown ground besides a white egg half its size.

Canadian goose egg

This hen found an egg!

I stumbled across this Canadian goose egg in an old nest in the Little Qualicum River estuary. I already tried sitting on it, with no luck. Back to the nest it goes.…

Caption stating Researchers at Raincoast aimed to determine if the nutrients that herring contribute to intertidal and subtidal ecosystems during spawning events are cycling through coastal food webs. Triptych of photographs below showing herring in two pictures and ocean at low tide in the other

Herring spawns puns

Oh my cod! Have you ever seen herring spawn? (If you can think of a better fish pun let minnow).

It is an insanely cool experience. The nearshore waters are churning with thousands of fish laying eggs. The water turns …

Kristen Walters gives the thumbs up on post exam.

Earth Day weekend

I spent Earth Day weekend taking the last exam of my academic career then went on a hut trip with some beauty humans and skied some incredible lines. See Duke below. Needless to say I’m feeling like a lucky 🦆to …

Four otters sit clumped together staring at the camera while on a small bank of grass and trees and rock between arms of the green river.

A family of otters

As spring rolls around, returning to my rivers to collect more samples and data has been constantly on my mind. I never knew I could form such a deep bond to waterbodies, but I find something so magical about rivers, …

Woman in checked blue shirt and sunglasses kneels by the water holding a net with fish.

Quinsam river fly fishing

Sea-run cutthroats like this little fella I caught in the Quinsam river are different than Wyoming cuttys. They are small, boisterous and aren’t picky eaters.

I am so stoked to be broadening my fly fishing horizons on Vancouver Island.

#explorebc …

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