A rainbow is created by the exhalation of a killer whale breaking through the water.

Southern Residents and recovery

Reversing, or even slowing, our systemic unsustainable human footprint on a time scale relevant to dwindling wildlife populations is a challenge.

Raincoast’s approach to recovering Southern Resident killer whales stands on two primary tenets. First is to hold the …

Shauna Doll looks up while she big tree hunting on Salts Spring.

Re: The Pender Islands Big Tree Registry Update

Greetings big tree hunters!  If you missed last month’s edition of the Pender Post, we would like to introduce you to The Pender Islands Big Tree Registry (“the Registry”).

Modelled after UBC’s provincial registry and Gabriola’s Island-specific registry, we are …

Lone brown wolf seen standing on rocks with its head lifted up presumably howling, in front of a dark forest background.

Take action now to stop killing BC wolves

Over 1200 wolves in British Columbia, Canada are killed annually for recreational purposes.⠀

While this is often framed as population management, the BC government does not have adequate population estimates for wolves. They also do not reveal how hunting quotas …

A beautiful wolf face in extreme close-up pictured among red and purple flowers and yellow grass with green leaves in the blurred background. Brown face of the wolf is in profile and its eyes gaze with emotion out into the distance.

Stop so called legal recreational hunting

Just over a month ago Staqeya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island, was killed. Staqeya was special to the Songhees nation, as he showed up after their longtime Chief Robert Sam passed on.  Many saw it as a sign their former …

A beautiful grey, brown and red wolf is lying down with its chin on a rock starting soulfully out at the camera.

Protect the wolves

Many of you learned about wolf conservation from Paul Nicklen and Bertie Gregory’s Instagram live.

We appreciate working with photographers who have a deep connection and care for the wildlife they take pictures of.

Wolves in British Columbia, Canada are …

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