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Comment: Stronger forest protection policy needed on the Gulf Islands

By Shauna Doll and Chris Genovali, Times Colonist
2020 11 21

“One of the shortcomings of the old growth strategy review was the failure to capture any of the coastal Douglas fir zone in the interim protection measures. As such, B.C.’s least protected forest zone will continue to be subject to unsustainable, under-regulated logging and tree cutting, with its subsequent conversion to housing and commercial development.”

Genome BC Funds Genomic Project To Support Grizzly Bear Management

By Techcouver Newsdesk, Techcouver
2020 11 17

Genome BC develops and funds a new non-invasive genetic markers project providing more extensive data and evidence based management of the Grizzly Bear populations along the central coast of BC. This will allow for a replacement of the outdated and limited monitoring system previously used by First Nations and provincial governments.

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