A small red fish heart held in the palm of a hand

Fish’s heart

“What’s that?” “That’s the fish’s heart.” “Ewwwwww…….. Cool! Can I hold it?” Cleaning salmon turns into an unexpected – and fun! – anatomy lesson for campers at the Koeye River youth camp. We identified the major organs and looked at stomach contents.

Six images of tail fins of orca whales with differences arranged as a family tree

Whale family tree

That’s a whale of a family tree – Killer whales can be individually ID’d by their markings  & dorsal fin shape. We can use this info to keep track of who’s related to who and their movement. Kept these books close at hand while on board The Achiever!

Shot of sand on a beach with some rocks in the distance and a closeup of a jeelyfish called Vellella Vellella on Calvert Island

Vellella vellella

Have you seen these jellyfish washing up on BC beaches this summer? We saw this one on Calvert Island. They’re called By-the-wind-sailor, sea raft, purple sail, or little sail – or by their scientific name Velella velella. They eat plankton and are eaten by nudibranchs. It looks like just one individual but it’s actually a whole colony of all-male OR all-female polyps! Some polyps are in charge of reproduction while others are for protection.

View of the Salish Sea from a wooden deck of a cabin at Koeye camp

Visiting Koeye Camp

What a gorgeous view! Looking out over the Salish Sea from The Whale Cabin, an honoured place for elders to stay when visiting Koeye Camp. Going there and helping with the youth science and culture camp is a annual highlight for raincoasters.

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