Achiever, sailboat research vessel is seen with white sail unfurled in blue water under bright blue skies, with a youth in winter gear visible partially in the foreground.

Marine operations

Our 2020 marine operations were largely scuppered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our usual Achiever time spent visiting the territories of coastal First Nations, where we conduct partnered research, was restricted to protect community members, as well as our staff and …

A beautiful boat Achiever is seen center photo with its white sail up, on dark blue ocean under bright blue sky

Achiever, our research vessel

Our dedicated research vessel, Achiever, is a key part of the Raincoast team – enabling us to conduct research, visit commercial hunting tenures we’ve acquired and allow us to engage with the emerging stewards through our youth education program.

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A white sailboat is photographed in the blue waters of ocean between green forested mountains with blue sky and white clouds hovering above

All about Achiever

Our dedicated research vessel, Achiever, is a Transport Canada certified 68 ft. steel hulled sloop that operates seven months a year on the BC coast.

Achiever is our core platform for coastal …

Triptych of photographs. Biggest picture is aerial shot of Raincoast boat Achiever with sail up in sea green water. Top left is skipper Nick Sinclair in a red beanie on the boat. Bottom left is a group of people with cameras and other equipment standing on the boat looking at the water to its side.

Marine operations

The past year saw Achiever and crew as busy as ever with research projects, monitoring visits to our hunting tenures in the Great Bear Rainforest, and playing a central role in our expanding program of youth education in the Salish …

Raincoast boat Achiever is seen on blue waters under blue sky

Achiever returns from central coast

Saying goodbye to Achiever for a month is bittersweet. It was an incredible couple of months throughout the central coast territories.

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Yellow John Deere boat engine visible in the boat's engine room

Winter maintenance aboard Achiever

Winter maintenance aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever continues with engine work on the 6 cylinder John Deere that propels the vessel all across the B.C. coast.

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A green boat lifted over a blue tarp with white writing on the side saying "Achiever." A masculine person stands on a ladder beside the boat painting.

At the shipyard

2018 shipyard aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel “Achiever” is complete! With coats of primer and paint applied, a few new ball valves, a shinned up prop and few other upgrades, Achiever is back in the water. A big thanks to …

A green boat lifted over a blue tarp with white writing on the side saying "Achiever."

Ship Shape

Raincoast Conservation research vessel “Achiever” going through its annual maintenance period. Hauled out at Stones Marina and thank you Nanaimo Yacht Charters for paint and Transport Canada inspection. 

A row of painted yellow chains hang over wooden frame with blue tarp and paint cans underneath.
A green boat lifted over a blue tarp with white writing on the side saying "Achiever."
Soft yellow light on ocean and mountains, view is from the deck of Raincoast vessel Achiever, of another boat

Ships passing

Those ships that pass in the soft evening light. Bluewater Adventures from Raincoast Conservation vessel Achiever with Captain Nick.

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A digital map with many scattered blue and red triangles in a channel marking the location of boats.

Exercise Salish Sea

The Gulf Islands were abuzz today as #BCEX17 day one of two were taking place. The exercise is the largest in Canadian Coast Guard history. The Achiever was not invited to participate……

A black speed dial with a digital screen near the bottom reading '10,000'

Reaching 10,000 hours

10,000 hours and going strong! Raincoast Conservation Research vessel Achiever hitting a milestone this fall from her tireless efforts of conservation science, youth engagement, media, and funder trips. Seems fitting to hit the milestone during a stormy fall day.…

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