Three salmon in the foreground and many more in the background are seen with pink bodies, green heads and gaping mouth swimming underwater

The Salmon Carnivore Project

It is important that bears not only get enough fish so they can sustain healthy populations, but also continue to confer the benefits of salmon fertilization into coastal rainforest ecosystems.

Grizzly and black bears do a lot of the heavy …

black and white photo from a bear cam of a cougar amidst trees

Accidental photograph of a cougar

Our non-invasive research does involve some bycatch: Here we accidentally photographed a cougar while trying to study bears. All in the name of conservation science.

In Heiltsuk territory, with Howard Humchitt (@humchitt_humchitt), Kyle Artelle (@kyleartelle), Harvery Brown (@harveybrown101), Jefferson Brown, Jamie Yin, and Navi Smith.

#cougar …

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