Wild Salmon

Chinook salmon visible as dark shapes underwater in clear green shallow water in the Fraser river, beside the bank under blue and white skies

Invest in Pacific wild salmon

Pacific salmon are foundationally important to Canada’s wildlife, food security, cultures, and economy. Yet, salmon numbers have declined a lot in the last two decades despite millions of dollars invested annually in hatcheries.

Growing evidence indicates that billions of hungry …

A school of red salmon are visible underwater with a beach and forest in the background.

A vision for wild salmon in the Lower Fraser

In March 2020, Raincoast published the report Toward a vision for salmon habitat in the Lower Fraser River. The report detailed the state of Lower Fraser salmon and their habitat, threats to this habitat, and the cultural, economic, ecological, and …

Two small Chinook salmon juveniles are seen in deep dark green waters of the Fraser river

Stop Terminal 2 expansion

Have you heard of Port of Vancouver’s Terminal 2 expansion?⠀

Port of Vancouver is proposing to double the size of its shipping terminal in the Fraser River Estuary.⠀

The construction of Terminal 2 will affect a key prey …

Half a dozen Chinook salmon swimming in the murky underground green of the river with round yellow eyes and teeth visible.

Wild salmon – strength and resilience

Every year the situation for British Columbia’s wild salmon worsens. And every year the same actions are repeated by governments and society. We clearcut and pave their watersheds, dam and extract water from their rivers, pour toxins on the lands …

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