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A white sailboat is photographed in the blue waters of ocean between green forested mountains with blue sky and white clouds hovering above

All about Achiever

Our dedicated research vessel, Achiever, is a Transport Canada certified 68 ft. steel hulled sloop that operates seven months a year on the BC coast.

Achiever is our core platform for coastal …

Students aboard Achiever look at the charts during the Salish Sea Emerging Stewards program.

Empowering youth leadership

The Salish Sea Emerging Stewards program is based on the idea of consilience – the convergence of principles from different disciplines to form a comprehensive theory. In this case we seek to weave academic, scientific, and Indigenous perspectives on stewardship …

'Odd Bird' written on green painted wooden beam

Odd bird

@sea_palm called me an old man for spending my free time taking photos of birds. On this week that I turn the ripe old age of 32, I choose to embrace it.

A sea gull dunking itself in a pool of ocean water surrounded by rocks

A perplexing gull

I learn something new everyday.

So this ridiculous little gull perplexed me trying to figure out which species. According to bird godfather @ianc_postelsia it is a hybrid Glaucous winged/ Western gull.

#juandefuca #gulls #birdnerd

Pink dawn on the tree lined horizon, under dark blue sky with silhouetted foreground


Morning of the earth kind of start to the day.

#sunrise #skunked

Raincoast boat Achiever is seen on blue waters under blue sky

Achiever returns from central coast

Saying goodbye to Achiever for a month is bittersweet. It was an incredible couple of months throughout the central coast territories.

#heiltsukterritory #kitasooxaixais #nuxalknation #wuikinuxv

Back of black bear visible as it forages from a wall of dense shrubbery

The last pulse of summer

Oh the riches of this coast as the seasons turn!

As the crabapples ripen and the salmon return to their natal streams, everyone is talking advantage of the bounty of the last pulse before “it” arrives.

#heiltsukterritory #kitasooxaixais #badhunters #greatbearrainforest…

bog of water surrounded by grass and shrubs



First time exploring central coast bogs in September, all the beauty, none of the bugs. This is epic Goose Island.


still blue ocean with rocks and hills jutting out behind and blue sky overheard

Impossibly beautiful

After six years of exploring the central and north coast of B.C. I finally made it to Fiordland. I guess I see why now why people come here.

It is impossibly beautiful.

#greatbearrainforest #kitasooxaixais…

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