Southern Resident killer whales

The backs of peoples' heads in the foreground looking towards a screen with an image of an estuary projected onto it.

Starting with Fraser River

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to learn about the road to recovery for the Southern Resident killer whales at the temple of stoke! It all starts with recovering Fraser River Chinook salmon populations!

Pacific white-sided dolphins swim alongside a killer whale, as seen from the air.

Pacific white-sided dolphins hanging around with resident killer whales

We all need friends.  If you’re a Pacific white-sided dolphin that might include your resident buddies. Scientists with Ocean Wise have documented the dolphins hanging around resident (and fish eating) killer whales. Expert Lance Barrett-Lennard suggests they …

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A mother and calf Southern Resident killer whale.

Save the whales: emergency closures needed now

We have been working with partners to compel emergency action from the federal government and, given the dire situation that has unfolded over the last few weeks and the lack of adequate action from the federal government, Raincoast and the David Suzuki Foundation are asking that they go further than the measures we have previously called for…

A painting that looks like a photograph of two orca whales almost hugging half out of the water

Help us save the whales

This week we published new research that shows a 25% chance that the Southern Resident killer whales could be lost within the next 100 years. Lost forever. We also identified what their recovery…

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