Free chocolate, art, inspiration and wine

It’s not every week that I get to enjoy an evening of chocolate, fine art and wine with my science and conservation friends. But that’s what’s on my agenda this week.

If you’re in Victoria this week, I encourage you to check out this iconic photo exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre. And if you’re around on Friday, the 16th, please join us for a night of celebrating women in conservation.

From Indigenous partners to scientists, journalists to business owners, and philanthropists to artists, Raincoast is lucky to have the support of numerous leaders supporting our conservation efforts. This evening, hosted by Raincoast board chair and Maple Leaf Adventures co-owner Maureen Gordon, will offer an opportunity to learn from, engage and celebrate women in conservation. Speakers include Jennifer Walkus, Misty MacDuffee, Emma Gilchrist, and Lauren Eckert.

In support of our efforts, with Coastal First Nations, to permanently end commercial trophy hunting of all large carnivores on the coast of British Columbia, Raincoast has collated a unique photography collection – One shot for Coastal Carnivores. Donated pieces will tell a story of the importance of protecting coastal carnivores. Pieces will be auctioned to support fundraising efforts and exhibited in Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler.

A night to celebrate women in conservation

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