Shot for Coastal Carnivores Feature Spirit Bear Mother and Cub

Spirit Bear Mother and Cub by Melissa Groo.

This 30×45 inch aluminum fine art print is up for auction to raise funds for our Safeguard Coastal Carnivores campaign to permanently end commercial trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Melissa Groo is a freelance wildlife and conservation photographer and writer committed to putting images and words to work for wild lives and the places they live. She considers herself a “wildlife biographer” as much as a photographer, seeking to reveal the hidden and complex lives of wildlife.

Melissa is an Associate Fellow with the @ILCP_Photographers. Her photographs and articles have been appeared in many publications, including @SmithsonianMagazine, @AudubonSociety, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife, and Natural History. She has completed four assignments for Smithsonian magazine, including one on Spirit Bears. This photograph was captured during that assignment. Melissa is represented by @NatGeoCreative.

We’re grateful for the generosity of the artists who came together to create this unique exhibit. will lead you to bid on this piece, and to more details, gallery dates, and information about our campaign to Safeguard Coastal Carnivores.

One Shot for Coastal Carnivores

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