Humpback whale breaching out of the water, with an island covered with trees as backdrop in the blue green grey ocean


Humpback whale.

Grizzly bear looks to the right from one corner of the frame in the Great Bear rainforest

On hope

Hope is a state of mind, not of the world.

It is an orientation of the spirit and orientation of the heart;

it transcends the world that is immediately experienced and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons.

Hope, in this

Black bear walking in water, framed by fallen logs, with fish in its mouth

Watching bear fish

Watching bears fish all day was surreal.

We were lucky enough to be guided by Marven Robinson, a renowned guide from the Gitga’at Nation, to one of their bear watching platforms. He knows so many of the bears by name …

Beautiful colourful vista of bright light blue Kitlope lake nestled among green tree covered slopes and blue and white snow peaks on the far end.

Kitlope lake

This is Kitlope lake. I had the extreme privilege of going here to do some work for Raincoast Conservation.⠀

It was the most incredible place I’ve ever been to. Every corner we turned was astonishing. I saw grizzlies for the …

A hand with the black sleeve of jacket wearing a silver ring on the thumb visible, as it presses down on a much bigger paw print on brown mud

A week in the Kitlope

I feel extremely humbled and changed after a week in Xenaksiala territory in the Kitlope.

This is the largest untouched temperate rainforest in the world. We saw grizzlies and humpbacks for the first time along with so many amazing plants, …

Dozens of mushrooms clinging vertically to the bark of a tree

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I love this place.

We have every single day this possibility, this chance of discovering something new.

Paulo Coelho
Invasive garden slug in dark grey clearly visible nestled among spiky moss

Invasive garden slug

Invasive garden slug slinking among the haircap mosses with a outtake when a mosquito landed on its head and it’s eyes retracted back into its head because it was too cute.

Two people's hands holding up and pointing to a small clear container with small fish inside.

Win for salmon in Fraser Estuary

Within a month, juvenile salmon are already making their way through the breach Raincoast Conservation created in a jetty in the Fraser Estuary. A huge win for salmon who now have direct access to marshy habitats instead of being pushed straight out …

A hand with a bright orange coat sleeve holding a Walkie Talkie with dirt floor in the background.

Beginning the Steveston Jetty

Great to see restoration of industrial landscapes to give juvenile salmon a chance to access the marshy habitat in the Fraser estuary.

“This week we break new ground…literally! Raincoast has now begun construction of three breaches of the Steveston Jetty.

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