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A large brown wolf walks by still water, with its legs and body blurrily reflected

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The last episode of this semester’s Wolf School with Wolf Conservation Center looks toward existing and emerging solutions to the conservation of wolves in British Columbia.

Raincoast’s Director of Science, Dr. Chris Darimont, will also look back to share how …

A beautiful image of a brown wolf standing poised center on a black wet rock looming out of the dark green forest behind.

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From creation stories to Indigenous-led reintroduction and contemporary carnivore coexistence, Indigenous peoples have long shared space and time with, and story of, wolves.

This week’s episode of Wolf School, in collaboration with the Wolf Conservation Center, will focus on exploring …

Wolf School 2: Meet some wolves

Aug 26, 2020 @ 3pm PST

Featuring Regan Downey of Wolf Conservation Center (Broadcasting from New York).

With many populations of wolves in North America extirpated, Regan will provide insight into current reintroduction efforts in the US. The episode also …

Two wolves in light grey brown stand side by side close to each other perched on a rock in a forest

Tune in for Wolf School

Have you ever seen a wolf on Zoom?

This week’s Wolf School will be featuring our friends and partners in Wolf School, Wolf Conservation Center.

With many populations of wolves in North America extirpated, Wolf Conservation Center will provide insight …

A beautiful light brown wolf looks down from a rock slab that it stands on, with green blurred forest behind it

Calling all wolf lovers

Calling all wolf lovers! Raincoast and The Wolf Conservation Center’s Wolf School is launching on August 12.

We will be covering a range of topics with input from various scientists, wolf advocates and other experts.

Inform someone who you want …

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