The Ethereal Great Bear Rainforest

part of Brown bear's body visible, standing on all fours looking out into the forest, framed by trees, mist and mountains

Photo by Brad Hill.

20″ x 30″ photographic paper print framed to 30 x 45 inches by Brad Hill.

“This moment is from a misty and moody morning during the autumn of 2011 in British Columbia’s spectacular Great Bear Rainforest. We had been watching a female grizzly and her cub digging for roots along an edge of a river at the end of a long coastal inlet. The sun had just risen and the beams of light were beginning to slowly reveal the many layers of lichen and fog-laden trees that make up the rainforest. The scene was changing literally second-by-second as the mist slowly drifted through.”

Brad Hill, Photographer

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