Forestation, an environmental board game helping humans understand conservation

Asher Weinerman and CLJ Games have created a board game, inspired by the desire to save species from extinction. It’s based on the complex human and nonhuman animal relationships to the forest. It’s called Forestation, and proceeds from the sales will be supporting Raincoast Conservation Foundation initiatives.

The game has incredible artwork by Mark Hobson, Nel Kwiatkowska and Nicole Nickolatos. The game is being sold by Science teachers, Bolen Books, Tanner Books, Timeless Toys, Swan Lake Sanctuary, Robert Bateman museum, and Skyhaven Games.

Forestation is a worker placement strategy game for ages 10 and up that has players create and sustain a forest teeming with flora and fauna. But look out! – poachers and illegal loggers are common visitors eager to hunt your animals and cut down your trees. Try to achieve a balance in your ecosystem where predators need to eat prey, prey require trees, and fish need rivers to survive. Forestation’s realistic illustrations and amazing gameplay will encourage you to create the best forest possible to save your wildlife from extinction! Forestation is intended for nature-loving people of all ages looking for a strategic challenge, as well as children wanting to learn about the balance of nature.

Forestation game

“We wanted to make a game that would reflect our desire to help animals and save them from extinction,” said Asher Weinerman who designed the game with his three children – Chaim, Leila and Joseph (their initials make up the company name, CLJ Games).

Keri Coles, Vicnews

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