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Two small fish in dark green water.

Adapting for ecological resilience

Since 2017, Raincoast has been collaborating with the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance, West Coast Environmental Law, and the Martin Conservation Decisions Lab at the University of British Columbia to explore pathways that foster long-term ecological resilience. This has focused on …

A grizzly bear standing on two legs looks through a large camera on a tripod by the river.


We have always been committed to wildlife welfare ethics. This year we published our first Photography Ethics Policy to guide our acquisition and use of photography. We believe that a photographer or videographer should consider these ethics when capturing media …

Spirit bear stands at the topf of a small stretch of waterfalllooking at the white froth and green water while lush green forest and trees rise in the background

Earth Day

On this Earth Day we celebrate the land, water and wildlife that we work to protect on British Columbia’s coast.

Right now, as we distance from each other and the places we work, that disconnect from each other and nature …

A grizzly bear stands on their two hind feet to look closely at a camera and tripod bedside a river in the Kootenays.

Our photography ethics policy

What ethics guide your photography?

Raincoast has just published our own Photography Ethics Policy – tag your favourite photographer in the comments and let us know what you think.

The policy will guide both our acquisition and use of photography, …

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