Take action to stop Terminal 2 and protect Fraser estuary habitat for International Bird Week

It’s International Bird Week and we are celebrating all the hundreds of thousands of birds that the Fraser Estuary hosts each year.

During spring migration, the Fraser estuary hosts nearly all the world’s population of Western Sandpipers. Year round, it is a home to species facing extinction in Canada, including Barn Owls and a unique sub-population of Great Blue Heron.

The Port’s Terminal 2 expansion would double the size of its shipping terminal. If approved, this project would permanently alter the flow of water across intertidal habitat and degrade crucial feeding grounds. This damage cannot be effectively mitigated.

Click the link to tell Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson to fulfill Canada’s obligations to global biodiversity conservation by saying no to Terminal 2.

A close up of Western Sandpipers in mid flight
Photo by Jason Puddifoot.

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