New campaign to purchase at North Pender Island

Raincoast is launching a new campaign.

We are working to purchase a 13 acre property on North Pender Island, as part of a larger effort to improve local protection of globally rare Coastal Douglas-fir forests and associated habitats with Pender Islands Conservancy.

Forests on the Gulf Islands need to be protected. After decades of largely unregulated road construction, residential development, and logging, the forests of the Coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) biogeoclimatic zone have been fragmented, degraded, and destroyed.

By supporting our campaign you will be helping protect a maturing grove of stately cedar trees, a healthy wetland surrounded by a maturing coastal Douglas-fir and arbutus forest, and all of the many species who rely on these ecosystems for habitat.

Donate here and learn more about our efforts.

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