Two researchers squat on the banks of the Fraser river estuary. They are holding a long net in place stretching across the water under a grey blue sky.

Reconnecting Fraser Estuary salmon habitat

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our research and restoration efforts in the Fraser River Estuary continued through 2020. Now in year five, this work is helping us understand how the estuary supports millions of juvenile salmon in its different habitats …

Black, brown and white sandpiper seen with its beak on the ground, a small shadow under it on the Fraser River estuary banks, a film of thin water spreading out from under its legs to the horizon.

Hundreds of thousands of birds at risk

Port Metro Vancouver’s proposed Terminal 2 expansion project, is putting hundreds of thousands of birds at risk.

The Port’s Terminal 2 expansion would double the size of its shipping terminal in the Fraser River Estuary. If approved, this project would …

A flock of white and black snow geese with yellow beaks captured in mid flight as they crpwd out the blue in the sky, above paler blue waters of the Fraser Estuary

Help stop Terminal 2 expansion

In the heart of the Fraser Estuary, the Port of Vancouver is proposing to double the size of the Deltaport shipping terminal at Roberts Bank, putting further stress on an estuary which has already lost over 80% of its natural …

Lauren Hensen stays dry in the Great Bear Rainforest with Helly Hansen gear.

Helly Hansen outfitting Raincoast professionals

Raincoast scientists and staff often have to work in some of the wettest, most extreme conditions on the coast including wading through tidal mudflats in the Fraser Estuary, traveling through salt-spray air and high winds on the Achiever, and sampling …

A large grizzly bear stands on a grassy outcrop with forest behind him.

Evening estuary visitors

An evening visit into the estuary this beauty was happy the river was between us. Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever has been exploring the Great Bear this spring to find these wonderful creatures.…

A grizzly bear stands at the grassy base of a steep rock face.

Spring in the Great Bear Rainforest

Travelling through the many coastal fjords aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever a small grizzly is spotted soaking up the sun and grazing over sedge grass. Rivers and estuaries in the Great Bear Rainforest were full of life as the …

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