Heiltsuk Territory

Two people in the middle left stand on a rocky beach looking out at a large expanse of water with tree covered mountains rising in front of them also to the left.

Raincoast Applied Conservation Science Lab

Like other Raincoasters, members of the ACS lab at the University of Victoria have made creative and productive COVID-19 pivots. Although field seasons were cancelled or modified, we capitalized on unprecedented opportunity to focus on analyses, policy, and digital outreach. …

Raincoast boat Achiever is seen on blue waters under blue sky

Achiever returns from central coast

Saying goodbye to Achiever for a month is bittersweet. It was an incredible couple of months throughout the central coast territories.

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Back of black bear visible as it forages from a wall of dense shrubbery

The last pulse of summer

Oh the riches of this coast as the seasons turn!

As the crabapples ripen and the salmon return to their natal streams, everyone is talking advantage of the bounty of the last pulse before “it” arrives.

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bog of water surrounded by grass and shrubs



First time exploring central coast bogs in September, all the beauty, none of the bugs. This is epic Goose Island.


sun through the clouds, and Achiever on the horizon of ocean.

World Oceans Day

The work we do is inseparable from the ocean.

Whether we are researching grizzly bears, coastal wolves, marine mammals, herring, or other species, it is the inlets, passages and channels that allow us access to these wild places. It is …

Still green water in the forefront with dense trees and mountainous landscape in the distance.

Exploring with Little Red

Exploring with Little Red, Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever small tender, we head up a river to see what’s around the bend. Venturing past tidal influence the smells and sights blend salt and sea with land and trees. It’s all …

Humpback whale tail standing out of the water with a driftwood covered beach and forest in the background.

Humpbacks in the fjords

Circumnavigating one of the thousands of islands in the Great Bear Rainforest aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever humpback whales are already deep in the fjords. BC’s humpback populations are doing well, but are still susceptible to entanglements and vessel …

The sun cuts through grey clouds to touch the water where a sail boat sits in the distance.

Achiever in the light

Morning light shinning down on Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever at anchor. The long summer days mean early starts to catch the light, and the wildlife…

A waterfall tumbles down the centre of a mountain side with a forest of evergreens on either side.

Spring melt

Slicing through the Great Bear aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever the spring melt is showing. It has been wonderful to see snow capped peaks this year swelling creeks and rivers of the central coast.…

An eagle (in front) and two ravens (behind) dig into some meat on a wooden dock.

Meal time

Waiting for guests at the dock it was feast time for raven and eagle. Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever departing on a nine day trip throughout the heart of the Great Bear.…

Onboard a sailboat with a white deck looking out on a grey ocean and a bright but cloudy sky.

Starting the season

Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever heading north for her first trip of the season. It’s spring on the central coast with thick dew in the morning and beautiful skylines. Heading out to explore the many rivers and estuaries in the …

black and white photo from a bear cam of a cougar amidst trees

Accidental photograph of a cougar

Our non-invasive research does involve some bycatch: Here we accidentally photographed a cougar while trying to study bears. All in the name of conservation science.

In Heiltsuk territory, with Howard Humchitt (@humchitt_humchitt), Kyle Artelle (@kyleartelle), Harvery Brown (@harveybrown101), Jefferson Brown, Jamie Yin, and Navi Smith.

#cougar …

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