Heiltsuk Territory

The sun cuts through grey clouds to touch the water where a sail boat sits in the distance.

Achiever in the light

Morning light shinning down on Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever at anchor. The long summer days mean early starts to catch the light, and the wildlife

A waterfall tumbles down the centre of a mountain side with a forest of evergreens on either side.

Spring melt

Slicing through the Great Bear aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever the spring melt is showing. It has been wonderful to see snow capped peaks this year swelling creeks and rivers of the central coast.

An eagle (in front) and two ravens (behind) dig into some meat on a wooden dock.

Meal time

Waiting for guests at the dock it was feast time for raven and eagle. Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever departing on a nine day trip throughout the heart of the Great Bear.

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