Jess Housty

Orca whale in bright green ocean spouting water out of it's blowhole.

Upcoming online panel discussion Spirits of the Coast

On Wednesday July 22nd at 6pm, join us for an online panel discussion bringing together contributors from the book, Spirits of the Coast.

Hear from Jess Housty (@Jesshousty), Nikki Iyolo Sanchez (@Nikkilaes), Misty MacDuffee (@Mistymacduffee) and Eric Mazimpaka (@Ericmazimpaka), as …

A surfer carries his stick toward the water across the rocky shoreline.

Groundswell screening tonight

We are getting a little frothy about tonight’s Groundswell screening Patagonia Vancouver, 7 pm at Temple of Stoke.

We are looking forward to discussing what has happened since this film was released and what’s next to keep the BC coast oil free.…

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