Consilience – Braiding Indigenous Knowledge and Academic Science S1 E7

Consilience is defined as a context in which independent lines of evidence arrive at the same conclusion. In this episode featuring Chris Darimont and Jess Housty, we take a look at how blending Traditional and Ecological Indigenous Knowledge and academic science can help us understand our natural world and the potential to yield substantial conservation benefits.

Chris Darimont is Raincoast’s research Chair in Applied Conservation Science and Associate Professor at the University of Victoria. He is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist who applies natural and social science tools to confront conservation problems that are both conceptually interesting and acutely applied.

Jess Housty is a citizen of the Heiltsuk Nation residing in Bella Bella, BC. She is the Executive Director for Qqs Projects Society, a community-driven charitable non-profit focused in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Live lesson: June 10, 2020 @ 1pm PST

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