Nicholas Sinclair

Yellow John Deere boat engine visible in the boat's engine room

Winter maintenance aboard Achiever

Winter maintenance aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever continues with engine work on the 6 cylinder John Deere that propels the vessel all across the B.C. coast.

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Soft yellow light on ocean and mountains, view is from the deck of Raincoast vessel Achiever, of another boat

Ships passing

Those ships that pass in the soft evening light. Bluewater Adventures from Raincoast Conservation vessel Achiever with Captain Nick.

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sun through the clouds, and Achiever on the horizon of ocean.

World Oceans Day

The work we do is inseparable from the ocean.

Whether we are researching grizzly bears, coastal wolves, marine mammals, herring, or other species, it is the inlets, passages and channels that allow us access to these wild places. It is …

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