A beautiful boat Achiever is seen center photo with its white sail up, on dark blue ocean under bright blue sky

Achiever, our research vessel

Our dedicated research vessel, Achiever, is a key part of the Raincoast team – enabling us to conduct research, visit commercial hunting tenures we’ve acquired and allow us to engage with the emerging stewards through our youth education program.

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A white sailboat is photographed in the blue waters of ocean between green forested mountains with blue sky and white clouds hovering above

All about Achiever

Our dedicated research vessel, Achiever, is a Transport Canada certified 68 ft. steel hulled sloop that operates seven months a year on the BC coast.

Achiever is our core platform for coastal …

Yellow John Deere boat engine visible in the boat's engine room

Winter maintenance aboard Achiever

Winter maintenance aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever continues with engine work on the 6 cylinder John Deere that propels the vessel all across the B.C. coast.

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A green boat lifted over a blue tarp with white writing on the side saying "Achiever." A masculine person stands on a ladder beside the boat painting.

At the shipyard

2018 shipyard aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel “Achiever” is complete! With coats of primer and paint applied, a few new ball valves, a shinned up prop and few other upgrades, Achiever is back in the water. A big thanks to …

A digital map with many scattered blue and red triangles in a channel marking the location of boats.

Exercise Salish Sea

The Gulf Islands were abuzz today as #BCEX17 day one of two were taking place. The exercise is the largest in Canadian Coast Guard history. The Achiever was not invited to participate……

A black speed dial with a digital screen near the bottom reading '10,000'

Reaching 10,000 hours

10,000 hours and going strong! Raincoast Conservation Research vessel Achiever hitting a milestone this fall from her tireless efforts of conservation science, youth engagement, media, and funder trips. Seems fitting to hit the milestone during a stormy fall day.…

A white and green sailboat (the Achiever) on a grey ocean in torrential rail. The sky is grey and you can barely make out some land in the distance through the stormy weather.

Achiever through the rain

Raincoast Conservation Research vessel Achiever at anchor in the Great Bear. Over 130ml of rain fell over night causing multiple landslide all throughout the inside passage. Floating logs and debris were abundant and considered a hazard to navigation. Thanks to …

Two grizzly bears peek through tall green grass with a rocky beach and forest in the distance.

Amongst the grizzly bears

Sailing amongst Grizzly bears aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever the province vows that this is the last fall hunt for these beautiful creatures. A settling feeling while anticipating to see this sow raise more cubs in the years to …

A hawk takes off from a tree and soars against a blue sky.

Hawk sighting

Osprey departs from its perch to search for food. While taking a break from the rolling seas aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever we watched this beautiful hawk soaring on steady wing beats searching the small bay for fish.…

A man with black sunglasses, a brown beard, and red cap and vest smiling onboard a sail boat with a blue sea and sky in the background.

Sailing at Cape Caution

My happy place. Sailing north around Cape Caution aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever beautiful sunny skies and a nice westerly made for some good sailing.…

A Pacific White-sided Dolphin swimming along on the right beside a red rubber boat.

Visit from a Pacific White-sided Dolphin

Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever tender Little Red getting some bow riding action from a Pacific White-sided Dolphin. We had a large spread out group of these animals coming and going for over an hour. These extremely acrobatic cetaceans shared …

Still green water in the forefront with dense trees and mountainous landscape in the distance.

Exploring with Little Red

Exploring with Little Red, Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever small tender, we head up a river to see what’s around the bend. Venturing past tidal influence the smells and sights blend salt and sea with land and trees. It’s all …

The sun cuts through grey clouds to touch the water where a sail boat sits in the distance.

Achiever in the light

Morning light shinning down on Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever at anchor. The long summer days mean early starts to catch the light, and the wildlife…

A large grizzly bear stands on a grassy outcrop with forest behind him.

Evening estuary visitors

An evening visit into the estuary this beauty was happy the river was between us. Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever has been exploring the Great Bear this spring to find these wonderful creatures.…

The green hull of a sail boat is on the left and a porpoise swims along side on the right.

Follow the porpoise

Dall’s porpoise leading Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever down one of BC’s many coastal fjords. These extremely fast and erratic swimmers are endemic to the cooler waters of the North Pacific. This group stayed with the boat for close to …

A waterfall tumbles down the centre of a mountain side with a forest of evergreens on either side.

Spring melt

Slicing through the Great Bear aboard Raincoast Conservation research vessel Achiever the spring melt is showing. It has been wonderful to see snow capped peaks this year swelling creeks and rivers of the central coast.…

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