Cheryl Samuel, contributor

Cheryl was born in Hawaii, and she initially pursued a career in science with an interest in fibre art and weaving. She has been largely responsible for the revitalization of the ancient ceremonial art of Ravenstail and Chilkat weaving in Alaska, British Columbia, and Haida Gwaii. She is author of The Chilkat Dancing Blanket and The Raven’s Tail, the two definitive books on Northwest Coast weaving.

Since 1984 she has taught at the University of Alaska, where she helped to establish a certificate program in indigenous weaving. She has represented Canada in the Commonwealth Games Arts Festivals in both Edinburgh and Auckland. In recent years she has turned her expertise in teaching and weaving to her other passions: Celtic drawing and wood-turned sculptures. Her current works are mixed media, combining weaving with wood-turning, glass, metal, and stone. Everyone Waits for the Salmon is a heart-wrenching cry to stop the inevitable destruction that a pipeline would bring to our coast.

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