Would you like to visit a place like this?

Would you like to visit a place like this? A place where grizzly bears, black bears, wolves and Spirit bears roam.

This shot was taken in one of the estuaries where we are working to permanently end commercial trophy hunting of all Coastal Carnivores, in partnership with Coastal First Nations.

We now have our first entry in the competition to win a 10 day trip for two aboard our research vessel, the Achiever. You will visit the wildlife and landscapes of the Great Bear and the territories of our First Nations partners. Each entry requires a $5,000 donation.

If we can reach our fundraising goal by the end of 2018 we can end commercial trophy hunting in the Nadeea tenure, safeguarding wildlife. 

We need your help, and you might just win the trip of a lifetime. Team up with friends, family or work colleagues for your chance to win.

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