Raincoast launches new campaign inspired by stqéyəʔ the ‘lone wolf’

Lone wolf Takaya, a medium sized tan coloured wolf peeks out head and back from behind a rocky outcrop. Behind her, is silver grey ocean waves coming into shore and another taller rocky outcrop and a partially silhouetted tree with a pink and purple sunset visible in the sky.

Photo by Michelle Valberg of Michelle Valberg Photography.

The senseless trophy killing of stqéyəʔ, the ‘lone wolf’ made famous by his stay on Discovery Island, once again brings to the fore the full-spectrum persecution of Canis lupus in British Columbia.

In British Columbia, Canada, wolves can still be legally killed through a variety of means. These include legal recreational hunting, and trapping.

Over 1,200 wolves are killed annually purely for recreational purposes in British Columbia.

There are no reasonable ecological or economic reasons to kill wolves. There no tenable ethical reasons to induce such harm and suffering.

British Columbia’s current wolf management policy that permits this activity needs to change.

Please help us stop the recreational killing of British Columbia’s wolves.

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