Why safeguard coastal carnivores

Why safeguard coastal carnivores?

One of the reasons has to do with safeguarding a large, healthy, and diverse ecosystem (including animals, plants, place, and yes, even us humans). Large carnivores play an important role in ecosystem health. Cougars, wolves and bears, for example, are imposing predators. In the animal world, their presence alone (regardless of whether they hunt and kill prey) creates a ‘landscape of fear’ which keeps their prey (from deer to raccoons and coyotes) from consuming everything they find, or trampling sensitive habitats and plant communities.

Raincoast’s vision for coastal British Columbia is to protect the habitats and resources of umbrella species, such as grizzly bears. We believe this approach will help ensure the survival of all species and ecological processes that exist at different scales.

Our Safeguard Coastal Carnivores campaign has 3 days left to raise the remaining funds to protect another 2,350 square kilometers of the Great Bear Rainforest from commercial trophy hunting. We are nearly there, and we greatly thank you for any donation you are able to give to this cause to get us over the finish line. Every dollar counts.

Donate at www.raincoast.org/great-bears/

Stunning art piece by Chris Fraser (@strangestlittledrawing).

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