Roy Henry Vickers, contributors

Canadian artist Roy Henry Vickers is a world-renowned printmaker, painter, carver, author, and designer whose signature style fuses the traditional images of his West Coast native ancestry with the realism of his British heritage.

His artwork is held in museums and private collections across Canada and the world and is mostly sold through his artist owned and operated gallery in Tofino, British Columbia. In addition, Roy is a recognized leader in the First Nations community and is a tireless spokesperson for recovery from addictions and abuse. Roy’s prolific career began after studying traditional Native art at the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art in ‘Ksan, British Columbia. Influenced by his mixed heritage, he developed a unique artistic style, which is immediately identifiable through its clean lines, vivid colours, and natural themes drawn from the rugged beauty of BC’s West Coast.

Roy Henry Vickers stands smiling at a bend in a river

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