International Women’s Day

Looking up through green blades of grass, which are in the water, at a woman in an orange vest holding a line out into the water and looking at a device in her hand. The sky is blue and cloudy.

From the original Raincoast scientist – Misty MacDuffy – to the majority of our lab team @universityofvictoria and board members – Maureen Gordon and JJ Woodland – women continue to play a leading role in every aspect of our work.
Science and conservation certainly have room for more gender balance.

Looking up at a woman wearing a blue vest over a black jacket and holding a clear container up in front of her. She is smiling and looking at the container. The sky is blue and cloudy, and there is green grass behind her.

A woman sitting on a forest floor surrounded by ferns. She is wearing a grey tuque and an orange waterproof bodysuit, and she is writing in a notebook.

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