Coastal wolves still hunted for trophies

A grey brown Coastal wolf laps at water with its pink tongue outstretched standing at the edge of the water, feet in the water, beside a shore lined with rocks and grass.

Photo by Colleen Gara of Colleen Gara Photo.

Coastal wolves are among the wildlife that are still trophy hunted in B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest. Our goal is to permanently stop this.

Raincoast currently owns the trophy hunting rights to an area of over 33,500 square kilometres. And we’re terrible hunters.

Purchasing these licences is a permanent solution to stopping the senseless killing of these animals.

Right now, we are raising money to purchase the Kitlope Tenure. This would be our fifth hunting tenure covering an area of 5300 square kilometres. Become a monthly donor or make a one-time donation.

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