Monitoring bears in Wuikinuxv

With the Raincoast lab’s field work season still on hold due to covid-19, we have been asking our scientists to keep you engaged with the people and places in which we work.

Megan Adams shares about the work the lab usually does in Wuikinuxv territory.

We monitor black and grizzly bears across 8000 km2 in Wuikinuxv territory through non-invasive hair sampling. There are 50 sites that we travel to by boat, truck, and helicopter.

Where are hotspots of bear activity on the landscape? How does salmon consumption by bears differ across the landscape and over the years? How can we do a good job of sharing salmon as a food resource with bears? How can we continue to promote bear-human coexistence in Wuikinuxv village?

Megan Adams

Learn more about Megan’s research.

Pale blue skies, mountain ranges in the distance and close up covered in dark green forests frame pale green waters and low lying land running between them
Photo by Connor Stefanison and Megan Adams.

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