Protecting the Kitlope

We are working to protect British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest from commercial trophy hunting.

We do this by purchasing the hunting rights and then effectively extinguishing trophy hunting of coastal carnivores.

We have already purchased hunting rights in 33,500 square kilometres (for comparison New York City has a land area of 783.8 km²). We are now raising money to purchase the Kitlope tenure, and we are almost halfway there!

On June 17 from 7-8pm Pacific time, join Raincoast’s Brian Falconer and Alex Harris to find out how the Safeguarding Coastal Carnivores campaign is progressing, and hear stories from those involved in protecting the Kitlope.

Sign up for the online event.

Green Kitlope river at the foot of dar green forest covered mountains under a blue sky
Photo by Taylor Green and Alex Harris/ Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

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