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A scientist in a checked shirt and pale pink hat, carrying a backpack looks up at the trees inside the forest with a measuring device.

Gulf Islands Forest Project

Raincoast’s Gulf Islands Forest Project is focused on addressing biodiversity loss, climate change and other human caused impacts on Coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) habitats.

Unique to the south coast of British Columbia, CDF ecosystems are characterized by Coastal Douglas-fir trees as …

A pale brown barn owl wings spread wide in flight low above the ground, wheat coloured grass stalks waving below.

Heart of the Fraser River estuary threatened

Despite having already lost almost 80% of its naturally functioning habitat, the estuary is relied on by millions of birds.

During spring and fall migration, the estuary hosts nearly all the world’s population of Western Sandpipers. Year round, it is …

Sunset pink sky and pink light reflected in water are divided by a wall of rocks on which a lone wolf walks.

The persecution of BC wolves

The death of Takaya brought into focus the full-spectrum persecution of wolves in British Columbia.

Cheryl Alexander studied and documented Takaya for years, unravelling the many mysteries surrounding his life. Her documentation of Takaya’s journey, his life on the islands …

A brown wolf rests with its head on its front paws, on green and brown wetland.

Help end recreational culling of wolves

In British Columbia, Canada, wolves are killed through a variety of means that include legal hunting and trapping, as well as government-sanctioned culling.

Wolves are often scapegoated. Shifting blame for the decline of species from the destruction of habitat by …

Beautiful brown grizzly bear sleeping with its chin down in the Great Bear Rainforest

Protecting the Kitlope

We are working to protect British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest from commercial trophy hunting.

We do this by purchasing the hunting rights and then effectively extinguishing trophy hunting of coastal carnivores.

We have already purchased hunting rights in 33,500 square …

Scientist in black T shirt and pants and black cap wearing pale blue latex gloves holds palm of hand near trip wire. She gazes at it intently surrounded by lush bright green trees.

Virtual connection and support

With coronavirus affecting normalcy around the world, the Raincoast Lab at the University of Victoria is not going to be doing fieldwork this season, and instead will maintain virtual connection, support from afar.

Ilona Mihalik shared about the work the …

Spirit bear stands at the topf of a small stretch of waterfalllooking at the white froth and green water while lush green forest and trees rise in the background

Earth Day

On this Earth Day we celebrate the land, water and wildlife that we work to protect on British Columbia’s coast.

Right now, as we distance from each other and the places we work, that disconnect from each other and nature …

Wet brown grizzly bear walks on rocks in shallow water

Almost halfway there

Great news! We have now raised over $250,000 towards the $650,000 needed to acquire the Kitlope commercial trophy hunting tenure. Success means that we extinguish commercial trophy hunting of carnivores in the stunning Kitlope Watershed, located on the northern reaches …

A beautiful white spirit bear captured in a close up photograph sits on all fours while staring with a soulful expression in to the camera

Spirit bears

Spirit bears are a valuable symbol of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Protecting both spirit bear and black bear habitat is essential because black bears can carry the recessive spirit bear gene. Although Spirit Bears are protected from trophy hunting, black …

tall trees rising into the blue sky with their tops creating a canopy in the forest

Gulf Islands Forest Project

We launched the Gulf Islands Forest Project to characterize forest health, identify measures to protect forest habitat and promote ecosystem resilience at a time of rapid climate change.

By most standards, the Coastal Douglas Fir biogeoclimactic (CDF) zone is the …

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