Chris Darimont talks to Todd Howard on Pacific Rim College Radio about conservation science, forest ecology, and safeguarding wildlife

In this episode, Chris and Todd Howard discuss the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and his work as the Science Director. Chris helps to shed some light on British Columbia’s dwindling forests, the logging industry, and the limitations of commercial-scale tree planting. They talk about the importance of first growth forests and the role of grandmother trees to the health of forest ecology and the wildlife that lives there.

“If you care about the planet, this episode with conservation scientist and university professor Dr. Chris Darimont is one that you do not want to miss. From his research chair base at the University of Victoria, Chris oversees a team of researchers throughout BC. After earning a PhD in Evolution and Ecology from the University of Victoria, his postdoctoral work took him to the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a large group of research partners. He has also worked closely with conservation leaders from First Nations communities of coastal British Columbia. The wildlife and people of BC’s central coast – an area popularly known as the Great Bear Rainforest – comprise a study system of particular interest for Chris and his team.”

Pacific Rim College Radio

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