New study finds no evidence to support killing wolves

A new study released today finds no evidence that the government-sponsored killing of wolves in British Columbia will save endangered caribou.

The research questions an earlier study that was referenced to help justify the BC government’s $2 million wolf killing program that killed 463 wolves over the winter of 2019-20.

That’s an average $4,300 per wolf.

If managers are interested in using the best available evidence to inform policy, these findings should trigger an immediate re-evaluation of expensive, socially contentious – and ultimately ineffective – policy…Unless governments move quickly to protect the remaining and irreplaceable habitat, it will continue to vanish at astonishing rates, setting up increasingly desperate conditions from which caribou will never recover.

Chris Darimont, co-author on the study and Science Director for Raincoast Conservation Foundation, University of Victoria.

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Video credit: Echo Conservation Society

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