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A wolf lies on a rocky beach in front of a beautiful pink and purple sunset.

A path to protection for BC’s wolves

Stqéyəʔ, the lone grey wolf, spent years living on an island near Victoria, BC. On leaving the island, he was relocated and shortly after, shot dead. The reason: simply because someone legally could, for recreation and a trophy. This remains …

An adorable grey brown wolf cub walks along muddy rocky area with a blurred green background.

Only a few ‘1200 Wolf’ Tee shirts left

The 1200 Wolf Tee Shirts are selling fast! There are only 68 left in select sizes.

We called them the 1200 Wolf Tee because more than 1200 wolves are killed in British Columbia every year from legal recreational hunting.

Which …

A man stands leaning on wooden wall wearing a grey toque and an off white Tee shirt that is part of the 1200 Wolf Tee shirt series by the company Ecologyst.

Exclusive ‘1200 Wolf’ Tee shirts available

We have partnered with Ecologyst and the incredibly talented Ocean Hyland to make these exclusive 1200 Wolf Tee Shirts.

Over 1200 Wolves are killed in British Columbia every year from legal recreational hunting that is not ecologically, ethically, or economically …

Black background, spirit bear shines bright with gleaming fish in mouth among rocks and water

Spirit bear tenure

We purchased the Spirit bear tenure in 2011.

It covers an area of approximately 3,500 square km including the islands portion of a large territory owned by a private European shooting club. It contains the vast majority of known Spirit …

A medium sized brown wolf is seen mid motion with its one front leg and one hind leg off the ground traversing rocky terrain

Interview with Dr. Heather Bryan

This week we published an interview with Dr. Heather Bryan.

I think one of the themes that has emerged from Raincoast’s research is how interconnected wolves are with the marine landscape, and that was a big theme of Dr. Chris
Close up of a beautiful light brown wolf's face, bathed in sunlight.

Protect wolves on BC coast

All predators on the British Columbia coast need our protection.

You can help end commercial trophy hunting in the Kitlope Conservancy and surrounding area forever.

We need $100,000 to buy out Kitlope’s hunting tenure, which would mean the end of …

A large brown wolf walks by still water, with its legs and body blurrily reflected

Catch the last episode of Wolf School today

The last episode of this semester’s Wolf School with Wolf Conservation Center looks toward existing and emerging solutions to the conservation of wolves in British Columbia.

Raincoast’s Director of Science, Dr. Chris Darimont, will also look back to share how …

A light brown wolf standing in front of snow lifts it head up caught in mid howl, eyes closed.

No evidence to support wolf culls

Although concealed under a smokescreen of scientific management, a recent study we released in collaboration with University of Victoria, University of BC and University of Alberta found no evidence that the government-sponsored killing of wolves in British Columbia will save …

A brown wolf rests with its head on its front paws, on green and brown wetland.

Help end recreational culling of wolves

In British Columbia, Canada, wolves are killed through a variety of means that include legal hunting and trapping, as well as government-sanctioned culling.

Wolves are often scapegoated. Shifting blame for the decline of species from the destruction of habitat by …

Brown wolf caught in action running down rocks

Stop killing wolves

Wolves are often held responsible for the decline of caribou. The BC government has been sterilizing and killing wolves for more than a decade.

These efforts have not resulted in any measurable benefits for caribou, even according to the Province’s …

Close up of a light brown wolf. It's face is in profile and lifted up, jaws open, eyes closed, howling.

BC government spends $2 million on wolf cull

The Narwhal published an article looking into the rationale (or lack thereof) of the BC government spending $2 million on killing wolves.

This past winter, the B.C. government spent almost $2 million to kill 463 wolves in the habitat of

Lone wolf standing still beside water, reflected in it, with forest behind it.

Stop recreational killing of wolves

We are currently working to stop the recreational killing of British Columbia’s wolves – over 1200 of which are killed annually by hunting and trapping.

Wolves are such important animals in our ecosystem with complex social structures. For that reason,

Large tan coloured wolf sits on patch of green with blurred dark green trees in the background, with pink tongue lolling out.

Take action with us to help BC’s wolves

Last week we launched a new campaign with the goal of stopping the recreational killing of wolves in BC, Canada.

Over 1,200 wolves are killed annually in BC simply for recreation. This exploitation is not based on science and is …

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