Raincoast mourns Wa’Xaid, Cecil Paul Sr.

It is with extreme sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Wa’Xaid, Cecil Paul Sr., a hero lost to this world. It is hard to find the words to accurately describe how his wisdom, integrity, counsel, clear vision, and his quiet powerful stories had such a deep and lasting impact on all of us at Raincoast. Wa’Xaid’s approach to major conservation challenges, such as protecting the magnificent Kitlope Valley (the place of his birth) from logging, served as a guidepost for Raincoast moving forward.

In his book, Stories from the Magic Canoe, he explained how his canoe could make room for anyone who would paddle on the journey together. The respectful and collaborative relationships that we are privileged to have with First Nations communities on the coast are rooted in his counsel.

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A group of people in blue outdoor gear pose in a arc in the Kitlope valley.
Photo by Callum Gunn and Sherry Kirkvold.

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