“I was alone in a canoe, but it was a magic canoe.”

Partial picture of rainforest visible on a projected slide on the wall while four speakers sit below in front of an audience in a medium size room

“I was alone in a canoe, but it was a magic canoe. It was magic because it could make room for everyone who wanted to come on board, to come in and paddle together. The currents against us were very strong. But I believed we could reach our destination. And that we had to for our survival.”

Cecil Paul

Two weeks ago we hosted a sold out event in Victoria about the legacy of the Kitlope and Xenaxiala elder, Cecil Paul.

The conversation revolved around Cecil’s new book, Stories from the Magic Canoe which tells the story of Cecil’s life; enduring residential schools, alcoholism, and reconnecting to, and finding healing in protecting the Kitlope. In the book, Cecil talks about the Magic Canoe, which is his powerful metaphor for large-scale transformation and social change.

The evening was a reminder that collectively our impact is bigger and there is room for everyone in the magic canoe.

The current goal of our Coastal Carnivores campaign is to end commercial trophy hunting in the Kitlope. We have now raised $200,000 of the $650,000 required to permanently acquire commercial hunting rights.

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