Bertie Gregory

An adorable bear cub with fuzzy black fur stands upright with ears cocked looking off to the side in front of rocks

Protecting the Kitlope

We are so close to raising the funds needed to purchase the Kitlope commercial hunting tenure.

This is how we stop hunting of large carnivores in the Great Bear Rainforest. We’ve already protected approximately 33,500 square kilometers, and the Kitlope …

A brown wolf rests with its head on its front paws, on green and brown wetland.

Help end recreational culling of wolves

In British Columbia, Canada, wolves are killed through a variety of means that include legal hunting and trapping, as well as government-sanctioned culling.

Wolves are often scapegoated. Shifting blame for the decline of species from the destruction of habitat by …

A beautiful grey, brown and red wolf is lying down with its chin on a rock starting soulfully out at the camera.

Protect the wolves

Many of you learned about wolf conservation from Paul Nicklen and Bertie Gregory’s Instagram live.

We appreciate working with photographers who have a deep connection and care for the wildlife they take pictures of.

Wolves in British Columbia, Canada are …

Large tan coloured wolf sits on patch of green with blurred dark green trees in the background, with pink tongue lolling out.

Take action with us to help BC’s wolves

Last week we launched a new campaign with the goal of stopping the recreational killing of wolves in BC, Canada.

Over 1,200 wolves are killed annually in BC simply for recreation. This exploitation is not based on science and is …

An adorable fuzzy haired black bear cub is photographed clambering around on moss covered rocks

Stop commercial trophy hunting

Our friend Bertie Gregory captured this precious moment of a black bear cub on a recent shoot for ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ on Vancouver Island.

Black bears are still trophy hunted in B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest. We are currently raising …

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