A researcher's two hands hold up a plastic bag with salmon in the foreground, while behind marsh, water, and blue sky stretches out.

Ambitious habitat restoration project

In March of 2019, we began phase one of an ambitious habitat restoration project in the Fraser River Estuary. ⠀

We created three 50m breaches in the Steveston Jetty to allow juvenile salmon access to marshy habitat. ⠀

To sample …

Blue grey Fraser river estuary with cargo ships and a fishing vessel in the deep water, foregrounded by four scientists standing on rocks on the shore looking at and discussing a green net at a breach

A vision for the coast, as we head into 2020

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated and shared our end of year fundraising drive. We are grateful to be surrounded by people, businesses and organizations that share our vision and are willing to invest in our initiatives. …

Half a dozen Chinook salmon swimming in the murky underground green of the river with round yellow eyes and teeth visible.

Wild salmon – strength and resilience

Every year the situation for British Columbia’s wild salmon worsens. And every year the same actions are repeated by governments and society. We clearcut and pave their watersheds, dam and extract water from their rivers, pour toxins on the lands …

Four Raincoast staff stand on one bank while another stands on the opposite bank and watch a green net across the Fraser river

Making a positive difference to salmon

The success continues for our Fraser Connectivity Project. We had another great day surveying our jetty breaches today.

We caught over 100 juvenile salmon both chum and Chinook moving through our east breach in just two hours. It feels so …

80 stream type Chinook like this beauty…

Today was amazing! Caught more than 80 stream type Chinook like this beauty, first time ever catching these in large numbers!! Usually we catch ocean-type Chinook only a few months old but these stream type Chinook rear in freshwater for …

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