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Beautiful dark brown bear stands in the rain on all fours, with white mist rising in the background.

Science publications in 2020

Raincoast undertakes primary research to investigate species and ecological processes to further our conservation objectives.

Supporting resurgent Indigenous-led governance: A nascent mechanism for just and effective conservation

January 6, 2020

Conservation efforts to safeguard biodiversity and mitigate ecological destruction could …

A white sailboat is photographed in the blue waters of ocean between green forested mountains with blue sky and white clouds hovering above

All about Achiever

Our dedicated research vessel, Achiever, is a Transport Canada certified 68 ft. steel hulled sloop that operates seven months a year on the BC coast.

Achiever is our core platform for coastal …

Two orca whale bodies and their fins visible as they are more than half out of the blue ocean water, with some froth near their heads and a beautiful prism of rainbow colours arcing across the foreground

Show your love this Valentine’s day

Raincoast has a deep commitment to all the wildlife of BC’s Coast, including the Southern Resident killer whales.

We have been using science, legal action and public engagement to further recovery efforts for this critically endangered species. You can also …

A researcher's two hands hold up a plastic bag with salmon in the foreground, while behind marsh, water, and blue sky stretches out.

Ambitious habitat restoration project

In March of 2019, we began phase one of an ambitious habitat restoration project in the Fraser River Estuary. ⠀

We created three 50m breaches in the Steveston Jetty to allow juvenile salmon access to marshy habitat. ⠀

To sample …

Two bears in water with wet hair face the camera

Raincoast’s applied research

Although the Raincoast lab is known for its work on grizzly, black, and Spirit bears, we also conduct applied research on other organisms.⠀

Our general rule of thumb is to work on plants, animals, or relationships in the natural world …

Bear hair sticking out from a wire with the palm of a researcher visible behind it for contrast

Bear hair as a research tool

Lauren Henson of the Raincoast Applied Conservation Science Lab at University of Victoria uses bear hair to research population structures of grizzly and black bears from the interior of B.C. to the coast. She just wrote an article about her …

Desk with a laptop computer on it and a red chair facing a window out of a wooden cabin looking out into the forest

A dry and quiet space to write

I am grateful to allies during field work who provide dry and quiet space to write. I feel so spoiled today to have a non-camp work day with hot coffee and a fireplace. It was starting to get a bit …

Computer and a pole visible among stalks of green grass by the banks of water

Office in the field

This is yesterday’s office.

Here I am downloading data from my data logger which is installed on one of our breaches of the Steveston jetty.

A quick glance at the data shows that the beaches are …

Four Raincoast staff stand on one bank while another stands on the opposite bank and watch a green net across the Fraser river

Making a positive difference to salmon

The success continues for our Fraser Connectivity Project. We had another great day surveying our jetty breaches today.

We caught over 100 juvenile salmon both chum and Chinook moving through our east breach in just two hours. It feels so …

Aerial view of the Fraser River Sturgeon Bank. Picture has bright blue skies with some scattered white clouds on the horizon and blue river flowing between marsh land.

Fraser connectivity project monitoring continues

On a windy but beautiful morning out in the marsh at Sturgeon Bank, Fraser connectivity project monitoring continues. The juvenile salmon outmigration is in full swing with both chum and Chinook abundant in the estuary.

#letsmakethefrasergreatagain …

Aerial photogragh of a part or Fraser River, dark blue water meandering through brown and white lands and islands with mountain range in the background

The Heart of the Fraser

The vital stretch of the river between Mission and Hope, less than two hours drive from Vancouver, provides prime spawning habitat for salmon and white sturgeon and serves as a nursery for millions of baby salmon every year. Two large …

Humpback whale breaching in BC waters

Hotspots for marine mammals and conservation

Our recent research identifies areas of the BC Coast intensively used by different marine mammals including fin, humpback and killer whales. 

Described as “hotspots”, these are regions of high density and diversity of marine mammals and are potential locations for …

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