Sturgeon Bank

Two researchers squat on the banks of the Fraser river estuary. They are holding a long net in place stretching across the water under a grey blue sky.

Reconnecting Fraser Estuary salmon habitat

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our research and restoration efforts in the Fraser River Estuary continued through 2020. Now in year five, this work is helping us understand how the estuary supports millions of juvenile salmon in its different habitats …

Computer and a pole visible among stalks of green grass by the banks of water

Office in the field

This is yesterday’s office.

Here I am downloading data from my data logger which is installed on one of our breaches of the Steveston jetty.

A quick glance at the data shows that the beaches are …

Person carrying a big piece of driftwood under a blue sky

On the Sturgeon Bank

Eco warrior Kyle Armstrong cleaning up the Sturgeon Bank wildlife management area one piece at a time.

Photo by Dave Scott.

@mr.quayle @dave.scott.bc #SturgeonBank…

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