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Join Raincoast’s efforts to stop the brutal slaughter of one of BC’s most iconic species.

Wolves are increasingly blamed for the decline of prey populations, such as caribou. As such, wolves have become government targets for ‘predator control’. These scientifically flawed and ethically unjustifiable actions reflect decisions designed to give the impression of concern for declining caribou herds.

Extensive research has shown that the destruction of old forests and wilderness areas from industrial intrusion are the real cause of caribou decline. The most important component of caribou recovery is habitat quality. The consequences to mountain and boreal caribou from logging, roading, and fragmenting their habitat have been known for decades. As these intrusions have intensified, wolves have become the scapegoats for caribou decline caused by oil and gas, logging, and mining resource extraction in BC and Alberta.

To learn more about the issues surrounding lethal wolf management read Raincoast’s 2015 wolf and caribou briefing document and 2012 comments on the BC wolf management plan.

Become a member of Raincoast and donate now to help stop the BC wolf Cull.


to Environment Minister Steve Thomson steve.thomson.mla@leg.bc.ca to oppose the BC wolf cull


your local MLA www.leg.bc.ca/mla via phone, email or mail so your interests are represented in parliament


the AVAAZ petition to end the Alberta wolf cull that will be delivered to Premier Rachel Notley.

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